Tbilisi Local Markets

Visiting a market is always a good way to get to know a place and the contents of these stalls told many tales. Colourful vegetables, fruits, meat, bread… anything and  everything you could wish for. All the vegetables are of course Georgian grown and super fresh…You can really feel the distance from Western Europe – very traditional, designed for people who are watching their money (sauce in a plastic coca-cola bottles,  honey in an  old pickle jars, etc.) 

The Georgians are remarkable characters! Being warm and welcoming they will invite you to their stalls to taste food, they will ask you where you from, will gladly pose for a picture and even invite to pose their fellow sellers to join for photograph, all smiling and laughing. Can you imagine this happening in any London market ?

Here is my journey at Dezertirebi Bazroba (“Deserter’s Bazaar”), bazaar is called “dezertirebi” because in the 1920s army deserters sold their weapons here.





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