Discovering Kinchkha Waterfall and Okatse Canyon

I’ve been (still am) a terrible blog writer, but we all know this. Seems so difficult go into the wild, exploring the world, while experiencing so much AND taking loads of photos at the same time….is that to later write about it, even in a VERY minimalistic style, IT’S SO MUCH WORK.  But i want to share the beauty of Georgia, a place between Europe and Asia, that slowly starting to feel like home to me.

That being said, on to the blog post 🙂


The Imereti region in western Georgia is known for its remarkable location extending from the humid subtropical, ending 2850m high up with alpine meadows, numerous health spas and a large number of mineral water springs. Among its numerous sites Kinchkha waterfall and Okatse Canyon was sites of our choice.


How to get there: Its around 50km from Kutaisi (1 hour) to Gordi by bus (4GEL) which leaves from Kutaisi (bus station at McDonalds). From Gordi there is 4km to Kinchkha which you can walk or take taxi just for few laris. We where lucky to be offered a transfer Kutaisi -Kinchkha from a landlady of our guest house in Kinchkha village.

Entrance: 7 gel to Okatse (Closed on Mondays) ; Kinchkha Waterfall is not closed site and can be accessed anytime for free.


Kinchkha village surroundings:



Following the path to waterfalls:


And the waterfalls:


Okatse Canyon

Visitor centre is located in village Gordi, so after waterfalls you can walk back to Gordi (arround 5km).

The canyon is situated in the ravine of the river Gordi, which runs for roughly 14 kilometres. The canyon width ranges from 3-6 to 15-20 meters, while its depth is between 20-100 meters. Although its only 30% of an original Canyon project, it’s still very much worth a visit.

The bridge is constructed with steel cables to the rock walls stretching about 1.2 km and at the end a “balcony”… all over the precipice …. amazing!

On the way to cliff trail:


And then……..our THRILLAAA and EXTREMAAA 🙂 :



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