Exploring tallest waterfall of Georgia

One more thing you should not miss doing while in Svaneti  – hiking to tallest waterfall of Georgia called Shdugra (or Mazeri).

It’s marked as moderate difficulty hike, and it’s even easier if you don’t abuse alcohol the night before, hahaha.

To reach waterfalls you will need to be located in Mestia. From there you can take taxi or simply hitchhike  to Becho village and then walk the red&white marked path. You will have to do minor river crossing and just turn right – and just hike up. Its no way to be lost, really. It will take around 4 hours one way while enjoying  beautiful pine forest, views to Ushba summit and beautiful  river gorge. Believe me, once you reach waterfalls you will feel very much rewarded !

Now, get to the pictures :)!

On the way to the starting point
If there is time, you can even plan a few days hike to Ushba peak


Cross the bridge and turn right

Such enormously beautiful pine forest along the way:


Gorgeous mountain summit is visible all the way up


Real difficulty starts with Georgia-Russia border checkpoint, where you will have to climb almost vertically and watch into the eyes of abyss :D! Top level excitement!

Bridge to the border checkpoint


Me at the border control, pretending to be Army Sergeant


Finally – rewarding view



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